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    DIY Mason Jar Chandelier

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    DIY Mason Jar Chandelier

    I decided to redo my home, not knowing what room to start in first, I thought to myself, well, we live in the country so why not go with rustic decor?

    So that’s what Iv’e decided to do, modern rustic country decor, this is just one of the ideas I have, not knowing if in the bathroom or kitchen yet, who

    know’s maybe both. I Love this rustic look!!  I wanted to create one of these chandeliers after seeing so many inspiring chandelier mason jar lights on Pinterest!  So

    I talked my husband into making this for me, we’ll see how it turns out 😉

    Please be sure to contact an electrician if you aren’t familiar with this sort of thing.

    Also be sure to disconnect the power completely to the room you are installing or working on your light in!

    You will need:

    Drill and drill bits – Sizes 1/2″ and 19/64″ (Optional sizes, these are just what we used)
    Wire cutters/Wire stripping tool
    Hack saw or soft metal cutter
    Measuring tape
    3/4″ wrench or ratchet with 3/4″ socket (Or whatever size will fit the bolts you are securing the chandelier to the ceiling with)
    4×4 wood cut into three equal sizes – Ours was cut to 40″.
    10 Mason/Ball jars of your choice
    Curtain rod extensions cut to various lengths (Ours were purchased at Jysk)
    10 candelabra light sockets
    Standard lamp wire
    10 candelabra light bulbs at 15 watts
    3 8″ x 1/2″ screws
    10 1″ long brass nipples (Example) These can be found in the lamp section of most home improvement stores
    20 nuts (to fit nipples) Found in the lamp section
    20 washers (to fit nipples) Found in the lamp section
    3 1/2″ helicoils (Optional)
    Wood Glue

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