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New research explains Alzheimer of brain’s connection with the Immune System

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New research explains Alzheimer of brain’s connection with the Immune System
Diseases from Alzheimer’s to multiple sclerosis can be better diagnosed as the fresh evidence reveals the body’s immune system interacts directly with the brain. The online journal e-life published the latest study that was conducted on the human and monkey brains relative to the lymphatic vessels.
The lymphatic vessels surround the brain and the nervous system that extend throughout the body. They carry a fluid called lymph that contains immune cells and the waste products. Earlier, scientists believed that immune and waste removal systems worked independently. However, the latest finding in rodents revealed that the brain works in conjunction with the lymphatic system to fight diseases and to remove the waste.
The discovery that lymphatic vessels near the surface of the brain could help in the better understanding of multiple sclerosis that is triggered by a glitch in the immune system. Currently, multiple sclerosis is treated with drug s which tend t suppress the immune system. Yet, the new finding will be helpful for the treatment of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. These diseases occur due to the accumulation of the waste products in the brain. Since lymphatic vessels are part of the immune system and the disorder of lymphatic system leads to the Alzheimer’s disease.
The author of the research was Dr. Daniel Reich who with his team of scientists conducted MRI scans on human volunteers and the mice. The evidence came from the mice and it was the first time that the team were able to spot the lymphatic vessels in the brain. The evidence strongly suggests that the lymphatic system directly interacts with the brain.

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