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Online Shopping vs On Line Shopping!

, 19:03

This is really funny!

Most recently, There are many and many online shopping sites launched from Bangladesh. In every hours we are getting several online shopping website launched But we are looking that most of the online shopping websites are inactive. There are very small amount of products, their service is not customer friendly, they have no seriousness about the consumer services. Most of all, many complaints are listen that online shopping website delivered duplicate products or they don’t delivered that product which one is ordered. Very often they delivered similar product/products.

In this environment we are just kidding about the Online shopping vs On Line shopping. Here is a picture we are looking for an ON LINE Shopping! We think, it is good then Online shopping if online shopping website doesn’t make a proper rule play!

This is an example of On Line shopping! Photo: collected from fb

Of course, There is a large market possibilities here for Online shopping. Dust, Traffic jam, City-life busyness, Scarcity of time all are creating the possibilities to gain online shopping websites to make a better business.

But, we are looking, most of the online shopping websites are starting a Joke at all!

So, It’s time to select which is better, ONLINE shopping or ON LINE shopping like the picture!


This is an example of Online shopping website!


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